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I thought Imp was Aisha, a female? Or is this hinting at a gender change when power is used? Tattletale has the advantage of insider knowledge. Thrawn has the advantage of being a good enough tactician to force you where he wants no matter how much you know. Superb chapter as always. Quick question, are the bullies even alive a this point? With the context of the conversation, it would have been very obvious if Emma had died.

It also means we might finally get Taylor interacting with them somehow. You know I have a question that ties in with warning her dad and the bullies. Is she ever going to go back to school or a normal life? Taylor admitted she wanted to escape, and its safe to say she has. She is so disconnected from her old existence she has yet to make an effort to communicate with her Dad.

Alex, in his moment of awesome, gave evidence to Piggot and the police that shadowstalker and the other two girls were bullying.

Not only can Alex take her over should she come back, but the heroes have a to do major repair to their image after losing control of the city. She is fully committed to being a villain, and it will be difficult to be part of the Undersiders if she is in school the whole day. I picture her creating a new identity for herself, maybe a legitimate businesswoman or something to explain her money and property holdings.

I think the story will be over before the city is actually recovered enough to reopen the schools. I have a really weird feeling about Emma. For some odd reason, I have a theory that her bullying of Taylor intentionally began as a way to make Taylor a superhero. Emma learned from Shadow Stalker about trigger events, and thus set out to cause Taylor to have one. Checked last chapter again, and you are right. It seems like they hightailed out of the city… So i guess none of them got superpowers.

There is the whole world ending in 2 years thing which needs to be tied up unless Wildbow hates us and wants us to suffer, so the story either has to go that long either with a time skip of some sort or it has to be addressed earlier by killing Jack or something.

I new there was another, but thought this was a third Alan rather than making the connection. Another indication of how far the Undersiders have come. Without their full team, they took out the entire Chosen, with Night knocked the fuck out.. They just proved that they could kick her ass.

Well, Imp is starting to earn her spurs. But where was she throughout the fight with the Nine? I think the cocky kid sister was hiding, terrified. She got wounded a few times and could seldom actually do anything to the nine but she was there. Someone really needs to take charges of all this if the Undersiders are going to reform so to speak. I think Tyler would be a great leader. It was her plan to take on the 9, and Tattletales power should help her realize they are better off following her lead.

If she ever truly stopped holding back, she would be an even better evil overlord. Taylor has been in a leadership position for quite some time. She has been consistently making important calls for the group, making decisions that impact everyone in the field, and is one of the three characters that determines long term plans for the team. Bitch needed clear leadership to keep her in line, and now the other team members are pushing boundaries a little.

Well Lisa certainly sees her as a leader, she defers to Taylor when there is no plan in place. They just also acknowledge that some hard choices should completely bypass her. Skitter slapped Bitch down because Bitch attacked her for no reason. I say keep Shatterbird till after they deal with Coil. She is a liability should Regent get knocked out or incapacitated.

Can she kill someone if they are a danger to others? Yes, she tried to kill Jack, Bonesaw, and Siberian. But a helpless mass murder? But if she wanted to send a clear message to Alex, she kills her the instant she is no longer needed right in front of him. If she wants to make it quick, not that shatterbird deserves it, she still has a gun. Is this a bluff? Or can Regent control multiple capes at once?

I believe it was mentioned that he had controlled 4 people at once back in the day. If they go and tax someone like Othala, they might work out some sort of system that does not require constant direct control like Shatterbird does. They might make her an offer like staying in a relatively nicely furnished cell with meals and access to running water for a few weeks in return for granting them the powers they need when they need them or Regent will control her body to do it for her.

Regent might have to learn how to control her though first just to make sure. Which reminds me, it was stated that once Regent had worked out how to control someone he can take back control at any time. Just how involved is this learning process, we saw him working out Shadow Stalker, but if he had more time could he do it more subtly? Could he have worked out how to control his team-mates by now? When he controlled Shadow Stalker it took at least an hour and seemed kind of violent, almost like she was having a seizure.

She has to be restrained and he has to work on her for while before he can connect fully. If he spread that experimentation out over months into innocent stuff like having a team-mate almost stumble while being tired and distracted and going over uneven terrain after for example a battle, they might not notice especially if he caught them before they fell and told them to watch out for that no existent rock as they lost their balance. The violent nature of the taking control Shadow Stalker might just have been a by-product of being pressed for time and uninclined to be either subtle or gentle.

Not because of any special moral problems, but mostly because he seems to be to lazy to think of it and go through the trouble and effort required without a good reason.

Taylor has come a long way and it is nice that her special outlook on using powers is acknowledged by others. She has always approached the whole situation in a Munchkin like fashion. Maybe if she ever manges to wrap her mind enough to see through her bugs it will be different.

How much is the brain a part of the body he can control? While kidnapping people like this is the start of a slippery slope, I think Taylor should cut Alec some slack. Shatterbird has it coming and as long as the tax is temporarily and the taxee is treated well enough this enslaving of neo-nazis thing should pass as ethically justifiable. I am just glad that Taylor appears to be smart enough not to argue with her teammates in front of the enemies they are trying to impress.

Assuming he can get around his limitation to automate the process sufficiently, then he can just sit and think and then gives orders based on whatever comes from his Tinker powers. Store blueprints in them any time you make something, replicate blueprints exactly. Same goes for Uber, really. Especially given the fact the Leet can make something too complicated and awkward for anyone else to use, but Uber still gets instant expertise. And I think that their interpersonal dynamics are interesting, too.

Uber might not even be in it for any criminal profits and, in fact, might be entirely funding them through his brilliant online webmastery while doing villainy on the side to hang out with his friend. Exactly how it works is potentially important, though. Besides, what benefit is there to making a complex device?

Overall, though, their hypothetically powerful powers provide a nice foil to Taylor. Her power seems weak, but is a bit stronger than it sounds. What to say about this chapter? I thought there were 6 people in the basement, but then there were 20 enemies including footsoldiers? So, some people think Alec is out of line. Skitter is out of line. Alec is keeping her in check. You do not have to be nice to mass murdering psychopaths.

I like this chapter. I like the action, the dialogue, and of course as usual Alec keeps casually setting the bar higher and higher for best dialogue every time he appears. She casually takes in that Cherish might be imprisoned for decades alone with all the negative emotions of the entire city, yet insists that Shatterbird be treated with respect? For instance, yeah, body control bothers her. And to be honest, a guy like Viktor sounds pretty damn hardcore.

And of course Skitter reacts quite badly to the idea, especially that her team went behind her back on it. Alright, but onto other things. As usual, Alec is gold. It would be made of win. I also enjoyed the subtle part where they start fighting and Imp suddenly gets no mention at all. Anyways, I really like these social chapters where the team gets in touch and talks some, but this one had a good mix with action, and showing just how badass the Undersiders are.

The Undersiders have to have moved up on the threat list IMO. How did you go about creating the Undersiders? As I understand, they were a late addition to the setting. Did you take existing characters and team them up, or were they made from scratch? Transportation is something every team needs in a Superhero setting, which is a key factor with Bitch I think. Admittedly, this is for entirely selfish reasons. Many characters have a place in my setting, but not as the main character.

Anyways, overall another solid chapter. It remains to be seen, but I think this chapter might have just kickstarted something huge and jumped straight into high gear. Interesting, and well done. I look forward to what happens next. I know that can ruin stories for some people. Real name, family, history, relationships, etc.

I try to do all this with everyone, even characters who get only one line of dialogue. The bottom-up design is the opposite. Start with the backstory, the details, work out how the core concept came to be.

It fits for setting, organizations. Taylor and the Undersiders were bottom-up concepts. Start wih a seed, build from there. I have lots of those. I was ok with there being a lopsided composition. I enjoy being forced to think outside the box in using powers to solve logistical issues like getting around. In brief, I certainly started with a Top Down approach, but it changed rather quickly I think.

Too many have too strong of personalities, and skewed or inaccurate world views. I like an unreliable narrator as much as the next guy, but I want someone a bit more objective and easier to understand.

Anyways, thank you again for the response. Keep track of that stuff. My own method has me creating a new page at the start of any document, complete with a title, one-line synposis in case I was wondering what the story was and then the postmortem itself. I sort these stories into folder by genre. In the above case, with the story too simple? See if anything comes of it.

Finger to key indeed right now, though I miss being able to doodle in the margins. Thanks for the support! I have to agree with most of your points. Skitter is way too idealistic with regards to Shatterbird.

I am a little worried about keeping her around if only because I know at some point she is bound to get free and either go on to try and kill one of them or simply run away and start killing again in another city. That being said, she is a wonderful powerhouse addition to the team.

Concerning the tax of taking over teammates of defeated rivals. That is so incredibly creative and totally fucking scary on so many levels. It is utterly perfect for dissuading future attempts on the Undersiders. Seriously who is going to want to attack them after this? Hell they have turned into Ender Wiggin! Shatterbird deserves far far far worse. I mean, Regent is pretty creepy sometimes.

Thanks for the mention on the RPGnet forums, Razorsmile. Good few new readers came in that way. Much appreciated now to see how long it takes them to catch up. Rune — Not all that helpful. Othala — A versatile choice, certainly, but limited.

She can only grant one power to one person at a time, and none of those powers are overwhelmingly good. Victor — Again, versatile. Fog — Fairly meh. Most of the Undersiders would be fairly unwilling to see his power used to rip people up, which makes him not terribly powerful. Night — Conditionally, amazingly powerful. The trouble is whether they can use her non-lethally.

Every time she touched people in the previous fight, it seemed to consist of causing lots of huge gashes. Man, 23, who died from a suspected drug overdose at Ryanair passenger films a baggage handler opening a British Cold War plot to extract double agent Comments Share what you think.

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Efron proposed that if the two signals were occasionally not synchronized properly, then they would be processed as two separate experiences, with the second seeming to be a re-living of the first. Jamais vu from French, meaning "never seen" is a term in psychology which is used to describe any familiar situation which is not recognized by the observer. Jamais vu is more commonly explained as when a person momentarily does not recognize a word, person, or place that they already know.

Jamais vu is sometimes associated with certain types of aphasia , amnesia , and epilepsy. Theoretically, a jamais vu feeling in a sufferer of a delirious disorder or intoxication could result in a delirious explanation of it, such as in the Capgras delusion , in which the patient takes a known person for a false double or impostor.

The feeling has been evoked through semantic satiation. Chris Moulin of the University of Leeds asked 95 volunteers to write the word "door" 30 times in 60 seconds. Presque vu French pronunciation: The feeling is often therefore associated with a frustrating, tantalizing sense of incompleteness or near-completeness.

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