Would we get these bonuses and rewards online if there was less competition? How to open your Bitcoin Casino. Do rogue sites still exist? Increase in the Number of Betting Sites

History and Origins

What is Fade the Public?

To be able to place a bet on a game of their choice, players would have to travel to a land casino and sit in a busy environment with an abundance of bright lights and loud sounds.

However, due to a revolution in technology, this no longer has to be the case for many players across the globe. Today, people have the ability to gamble from the comfort of their own home. They can simply do this by logging onto their favorite gambling website, over a secure internet connection, and choosing their game of preference. Online gambling has a relatively short history compared to other additions to modern day technology.

In the evolution of the online gaming industry took its first footstep into a revolutionized world. This act allowed software engineers to create virtual casino networks and to send downloadable software to millions of people across the globe. A couple of years later, in , Intercasino launched an online casino of their own, this one seemed to be a bit more modernized and easy to use.

Companies continued to develop and compete for customers for the following decades, and this is still the case today. Many countries are attempting to pass legislation to ban their citizens from participating in these risks.

However, the online industry is still just as popular as ever and continues to thrive and profit. If a player today could log onto one of the first gambling website, they would be amazed at how vastly different it is from today.

Since , the gambling industry and software developers have continuously come out with new improvements and additions to improve the world of online gaming in a big way.

From there, they would have to wait a rather long time to use the internet because of the sloth-like movement of dial-up connections. These online games were a new and exciting way to gamble, but the process was very time consuming. Another difference to note, was that this technology only offered limited quality graphics, and audio was rarely found on the downloads. This type of downloadable gambling software is still manufactured and sold today, although it is not a very popular method for gamblers in this day and age.

The first big improvement made for online casinos was the introduction of flash technology. With this, players are able to gamble online without the hassle of downloading physical software onto their computer.

However, there were still necessary internet plug-ins and other forms required for this system to work. A major benefit to including flash technology in an online casino was the fact that it upgraded the graphics, sound, and speed of the games and of the website as a whole. The next innovation creating for internet gambling sites is the technology that is still most commonly used today. The Java platform also allows players to skip the hassle of a physical software download to play the games online.

However, unlike flash technology, the Java platform does not require any further installation for players. The process is quite simple, all a person has to do is connect to the internet, log into the online casino website, and play their favorite game!

Sure, there were some trustworthy sites that launched in the late 90s. They were often operated by brand new companies that formed specifically to become a part of this industry. Their goal was to make a profit by providing an excellent service to their customers.

These sites were launched with the specific aim of ripping people off. The regulation is much better now. There are various online gambling jurisdictions around the world that have legalized and regulated internet betting. The licensing authorities in most of these jurisdictions are very strict about which sites they issue licenses to, and they ensure that all their licensed sites operate in a fair and ethical way.

Do rogue sites still exist? All you have to do is stick with sites that are properly regulated and operating legally in a suitable jurisdiction. Not in a global sense anyway. There are several countries around the world that still have outdated gambling laws that make no mention at all of online betting.

Since the legal situation is so unclear, we understand why people are so reluctant to wager online. So, the chances of being arrested for placing a bet online are pretty much zero. The issue is that the relevant laws are just too vague in too many countries. This is something we hope to see change in the coming years. Several other sites were launched in too, and many more in the following few years. As the popularity of online betting increased throughout the early 21 st century, the number of sites grew exponentially.

These days there are literally hundreds of them. The sheer volume of sites means that the online betting industry is a VERY competitive one. There are so many options for customers that they can afford to be very choosy about where they place their wagers. This means that sites have to work very hard to attract and retain customers, which ultimately forces them to provide a better service.

Several of the developments we mention later in this article are direct results of the competitive nature of the industry. We might not have seen so much innovation either. The bonuses and rewards that sites offer are one of the biggest advantages of betting online. We actually are given extra money to bet with, in return for making deposits and placing wagers. Would we get these bonuses and rewards online if there was less competition?

Overall the fact that there are so many betting sites available is a huge benefit to us as customers. What about the sites themselves though? Do they benefit from the industry being so competitive? A well-known myth is that running a betting site is a license to print money.

Yes, the biggest sites are very profitable. We hope that the industry remains so competitive. Some of the smaller sites will either close due to a lack of profit, or be taken over by one of the bigger operators.

Modern betting sites ultimately serve the same purpose as the early sites did. Not much has changed in this respect. The difference in the quality of the user experience is huge though. They were often slow and unresponsive, and it was sometimes hard to find what we were looking for. The simple fact that we could place our wagers online was enough to keep us happy to be honest, but using these sites was NOT a wonderful experience.

Not all sites are of the same quality of course, but even the worst ones are better than the early ones. The best ones are a LOT better. All in all, the online betting user experience has improved drastically: We could definitely bet on all the major sports and big events, and there might have been a few other options too.

At virtually all modern betting sites we can bet on pretty much any sport we want. And pretty much any event too. Most casual bettors enjoy betting on different sports and events, so the more choice the better.

Although serious bettors tend to have a more narrow focus, and concentrate on just one or two sports, betting on the less mainstream sports and events can potentially be very profitable.

The betting advice it offers is obviously out of date, since the memorable game has already come and gone, but we still recommend glancing through it anyway. It will give you a better idea of the variety of wagers available at modern day betting sites. Okay, so this was for the Super Bowl: The thing is, this kind of variety is not unusual. This list is nowhere near conclusive. We stopped after listing twenty wagers, and we were less than half way done. We were pretty much limited to just the traditional types of wagers , such as point spreads, money line wagers win bets and totals.

We briefly touched on this development earlier, when we were discussing the competitive nature of the online sports betting industry. In the early years of online betting, the odds and lines on offer were pretty much the same as what was available elsewhere.

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