Draw in the period To play on this ice hockey betting strategy, we need hockey matches between two roughly equal teams. They can be selected based on statistics available on the Internet or according to the opinion of bookmaker analysts who set quotes on matches. So make sure that you've put plenty of thought into the game before betting. As soon as such a puck is scored — the odd on TU 4. Hockey Betting Strategy: When to bet on Pucklines

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Hockey Betting Strategies Hockey Betting Strategy: When to bet on Pucklines While hockey betting doesn't have a traditional point spread like basketball or football, there is the very similar puckline. NHL live betting strategy Betting on an NHL game as it progresses can simply add an extra interest to watching the action unfold, but live betting also has other benefits. Ice hockey is fast, furious and adrenalin packed, so what better way to match that excitement than by trying to interpret the ebb-and-flow of the game with a live bet. With a sport as fast and furious as ice hockey, casual punters would be forgiven for thinking in-play betting was too tough a task. In actual fact, it's a matter of understanding the rhythm of the sport and, like all in-play sports, knowing a team's strengths and weaknesses.

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