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BetOnline Sportsbook - Best Sportsbook Bonuses And Promotions Because of the high turnaround of NBA games during the regular season, savvy bettors simply can't wait for the moneylines to be issued and for that reason we recommend BetOnline because they are always the fastest to get NBA lines available. Call 1 The biggest differences on the moneyline though, aside from no point spread, is the payout. Most sportsbooks allow you to switch how the odds are displayed, flipping between American, decimal, and fractional odds. Moneyline Betting in the NBA

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Total Bets (Over/Under)

In a total bet, the NBA odds will be set at a number that predicts the combined scores of the two teams. As a bettor, you would then predict whether the final point total will be over or under that amount and place your bet. Just like in a point spread bet, if the final total falls directly on that number, it is called a push, and you will simply get your money back.

Keep an eye on the expected matchups to determine how high you expect the total to go. In a matchup between teams with a lot of offensive firepower, you would expect the point total to be high. In a game that is likely to contain a lot of back and forth with defensive struggles, the point total will likely be lower.

Finally, many people bet on futures , which is a very broad category. With futures, you are betting on the likelihood that something will happen—you guessed it—at some point in the future.

So, the moneyline, point spread, and total are all short-term bets referring to nightly action and specific matchups. These odds are refreshed and updated throughout the entire year. As teams do well, their odds will improve. If a team seems to be stuck in a slump, or if something bad happens, such as a key player getting injured, their odds will get worse. Futures odds can be displayed in a couple of different ways. The lower the first number is, the more likely they are expected to win.

So in this setup, the Warriors and the Spurs are among the favorites to win, while the Rocktets and Celtics are long shots. If the Rockets were to go on a winning streak partway through the season, though, their odds would improve. You can bet on who will win a division, who will win a conference, or on just about anything you expect to happen. You might not even bet on a team you expect to do well.

A sportsbook might predict that a team will win at least a certain number of games. There are several different types of futures bets to satisfy many different tastes. Prop betting is also becoming a very popular option for sports bettors.

Most major sportsbooks will release a number of unique NBA odds for games a few hours before tip-off. Full View Classic View. Moneyline Probably the most commonly known type of bet, many sports bettors wager the moneyline. Point Spread A point spread bet is slightly more complicated and is generally meant for those who know the game a little better.

But as the lines get higher, there is definitely more value to use the point spread and stay away from the bigger moneyline prices. The chart suggests playing the extremely small favorites on the moneyline and the extremely large favorites using the point spread. In a bit of irony, just as small moneyline favorites were the way to go, smaller moneyline underdogs also out-perform smaller underdogs against the point spread.

As the point spread gets higher, moneyline underdogs become worse bets than point spread wagers, although both were a losing proposition. Moneylines do vary between different sportsbooks, so it always pays to shop for the best odds, which is one benefit of having more than one online account.

The extra five cents will add up in a big way at the end of the season. Other sportsbooks are reluctant to move the moneyline odds from the opening number. They may move the point spread and leave the moneyline alone, so you may be able to find some good prices on a game that has moved a point or two from the opening number. Home Top Sportsbooks Contact Us. Top 5 Sportsbooks read review.

Anaheim Ducks at New York Rangers.

Golf picks tips | Crestwood off track betting online | Bovada ufc | Golf tips driving range | Is bovada online sports betting legal | Football prediction reddit | Live betting api | Ufc fn 92 prediction | is not a gambling site, and does not accept or place wagers of any type. This website does not endorse or encourage illegal gambling. All information provided by this website is for news and entertainment purposes only. Playing the Moneyline is another way that many gamblers take advantage of the NBA season. Betting the Moneyline is similar to Point Spread Betting in the fact that you are picking a team to win the game but the difference is the fact that there is no point spread and instead, you are betting against odds. Get the latest NBA odds, point spreads, money lines and over/unders for popular sportsbooks and view SportsLine's expert analysis of each upcoming game.

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