Notable scandals that have hit the NFL over the years

Should Peyton Manning Retire? Login - OR - Create an account. Following investigations on the incident, Williams was suspended indefinitely from the league, four current and former Saints players considered as the ringleaders in the incident were also suspended, while head coach Sean Payton was also banned for the whole of the seasons. Topics, Sports & Betting Info

Brett Favre and His Sexting Scandal

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The Steelers have officially accused the Patriots of yet another heinous crime against football. Although the Patriots believed that their days of controversy were in the past after deflategate and spygate, the Steelers have pointed out that the headsetgate scandal is only beginning.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin refused to make an outright comment about the technological issues their team suffered during a game on September 10th, But the Steeler's website released an official article the next morning that detailed some of the audio issues that they were having with their headsets during the game.

Allegedly, Steelers coaches were receiving radio broadcasts of the New England Patriot's game. Every time a league official came over to examine the problem, the headsets would magically clear up. As soon as the official left the sideline, however, the audio issues would mysteriously return. Or another cheating scandal? The NFL has made a statement that the headsets were on loan from the NFL, and that there's no way that they could have been tampered with.

However, many Steelers fans - and the Steelers themselves - seem to believe that this was a blatant act of cheating. What are the biggest NFL scandals ever recorded?

Through tapping phone lines of organized crime members, it was found that several smaller futbol clubs were fixing matches in an effort to make money, beginning with Macedonian club FK Pobeda. As organized crime members were found, arrested, and charged, the pressure mounted on Patrick Neumann, captain of SC Verl and he confessed to his involvement and divulged more details of the scope of the operation.

When you think of sumo wrestling, you think of massive guys and tiny thong-like belts. As odd of a picture as it is, the sport is also known throughout the world for its religious traditions, strict code of conduct, and the integrity that it displays. In it was discovered that up to 13 senior wrestlers had been involved in match fixing and betting on outcomes of matches.

The investigation followed on the heels of police searching phone records in an illegal baseball betting operation between wrestlers and middlemen in In fact, some even worked side jobs to pay the bills! Green Bay Packers running back Paul Hornung and Detroit Lions defensive tackle Alex Karras were unfortunately busted when they thought they could get away with betting on their games.

NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle suspended the duo for the entire season, along with five other Detroit Lions for their parts in the scandal. Even with this checkered past, Hornung was inducted into the Hall of Fame in The scheme was simple; they would be point spreads in which there would be a large margin and Kuhn would make sure that BC did not cover the spread.

As the scheme grew, Kuhn recruited two teammates to join in and the Perlas were able to bring in Henry Hill, a Lucchese crime family associate from New York. The plan came to an end in when Hill was arrested on drug charges and he snitched on the group, ending in prison terms ranging from 10 to 30 years on racketeering and corruption charges for the parties involved. In February , the NYC district attorney arrested seven men on charges of conspiring to fix basketball games; of these men, three were stars on the CCNY championship team.

There is no doubt that former MLB player and manager Pete Rose was one of the toughest guys to ever play the game. His iconic head first sliding and short temper is a staple of what the Cincinnati Reds were during the s. However, amid years of allegations that Rose had been betting on his team while he played and managed, it was finally found that the allegations were true just three years after he retired from the game as a player. During the World Series between the Chicago White Sox and Cincinnati Reds, eight players were accused of intentionally throwing the series in exchange for cash.

For various reasons, the players had decided to throw the series and there was evidence of massive bets coming in on the Reds before the start, causing their odds to fall rapidly. Announcers took notes of this and kept notes on players they felt were playing out of character. Give TheRichest a Thumbs up! Top 15 Most Memorable U.

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Nonetheless, the scandal, which is just in its opening act, is up against tough competition. 1. The Black Sox suspended by NFL commish Pete Rozelle for betting on NFL games and associating. It was found that Hornung was betting as much as $ a game (which is $4, today) and Karras was betting anywhere from $50 to $ NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle suspended the duo for the entire season, along with five other Detroit Lions for their parts in the scandal. National Football League controversies. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This article's lead section does not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the New Orleans Saints bounty scandal In , the.

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