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DE Calais Campbell to play vs. The NFL Draft May represents a prime opportunity for teams to shore up positions of need with an injection of fresh young talent. That's the issue when attempting to rank the NFL's 32 head coaches. But a random talk with a longtime sports scribe who covers the Dallas Cowboys recharged the proverbial pi Follow JaguarsWire!

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Those guys weren't even supposed to be there It was late December back in , and the upstart Jaguars found themselves taking on the Bills at Rich Stadium in Buffalo. Forget that they were a second-year expansion team -- they wouldn't have ev The 15 modern-era finalists for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of are as follows presented in alphabetical order: So, just when you thought Week 17 wouldn't carry too much drama, and there was but a smidge left in the year The written-off Bengals -- and their quarterback, who produced little outside of natio End of the road for 20 teams.

End of the preliminary stage for a dozen others. Well, some of that remains TBD. While many playoff situations were settled last weekend -- like the Lions and Cowboys tanking, and the Chiefs wi Merry no more dud games in a week As you look at the wrapping paper, which was so meticulously folded a day ago, now resting in shambles next to the periwinkle mock turtleneck you got or a bran Week 16 -- what used to be the close of the regular season has become the final playoff maelstrom for the wannabes.

Despite being so late in the season, no less than 13 of the 16 games carry some level of postseason weight. Week 16 comes with high drama in tow. Good luck matching this past weekend.

Whether you were watching Sunday Ticket, the Red Zone Channel or listening on the radio, the final moments of two afternoon games were riveting, in every sense of That's the logline of Week Every game on the slate has playoff implications, save for Broncos at Colts , which carries serious draft weight. The other 15 matchups will influence postseason schematics, from major Clutch performances abounded in Week The Jags' pass rush put Russell Wilson in a malaise trying to get the ball out with the game hanging in the balance.

Week 14 is on the way, with a clear centerpiece: Philadelphia can make another push for home-field advantage with a win at the L. Coliseum, but here's the kicker: The Rams might still be figh Week 14 is upon us. And it's a week in which the chatter originally centered around the Giants situation. If not that, then the incredible lineup of games -- including Eagles at Rams , Vikings at Panthers and Seahawks at Jaguars -- this coming wee It's Week 13, which carries plenty of relevant games in the playoff picture , and a whole bunch of quarterback intrigue.

As we head into this week's slate, much focus has been placed on the play of one position, which seems to carry more weight tha We've passed the Thanksgiving holiday -- a marker for when every game begins to truly carry weight, and we all gain weight watching football with our loved ones.

Well, loved ones is a relative term. You know what I mean. Don't know about you, but Pro football on Thanksgiving Day is steeped in tradition It goes all the way back to the s, like a famous game in , when Cardinals punter Paddy Driscoll did everything he could to kick away from the most important rookie in NFL history, It's Thanksgiving Week in pro football, which means everybody's playing for the first time in weeks. Everyone in the NFL is 10 games deep into the schedule, with 26 teams legitimately in the playoff race.

I'm not talking just mathematica Two forces scream toward one another from opposite sections of the States -- disparate portions of the world , really. The game of which I speak is the league's version of Kennedy-Nixon, at least for this week. Always circle Week 11 on the football calendar This point of the season signals the beginning of the stretch run. Most folks in this industry consider that to be a couple weeks later.

To me, though, being or means a team's season is Week 10 game picks are in -- as are many questions. It's about that time of the season when the top-shelf teams typically begin to cement their status. Some have already shown dominance, while others are about to go streaking through the quad.

Week 10 is here, which means we've officially, officially hit midseason -- i. Yet, even at the halfway point, how much do we really know?

For example, can you say there is a dominant te It's Week 9 in the NFL, and the continuation of a great sports week. While looking forward to this weekend's games, especially with a few of the games offering unique matchups, how about a tip of the cap -- the helmet -- to Major League Baseball? It's a quarterback league. Monday night brought more than football, as news of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade got around quickly.

Suddenly, 49ers faithful have hope under center, while Redskins fans might not have to It's already Week 8. No more messing around for various clubs across the NFL. Time to shift into Save The Season Mode! Or at least Get It Together Mode. This is especially true in the NFC.

Take, for instance, the Falcons, who have lost three in What a weekend of football, bookended by Thursday night madness and a solid Monday nighter , with many notable happenings in between. A few big items: There is football on this weekend. Game Picks are below Sorry, always wanted to write a concise intro like that. But it seems I routinely get into the weeds on some topic in this space.

So, let's stay consistent New Power Rankings, same top two You probably figured out that the Chiefs would stay parked in the top spot -- even after a close loss -- with the consistency they've shown this season. More people should take notice.

Minnesota has always been a house of horrors for the Packers For those who think that's because Green Bay wasn't any good in the '70s -- pre-Brett Favre, Week 6 Power Rankings are in Yet, before we get to today's football, I would like to pay respect to great football from the past. Tittle passed away Monday at the age of With the pace of our current news cycle, that story will be lo Flying past the quarter mark into midseason and They mess with the schedule, standings and your fantasy team.

They also provide rest for certain teams. The interesting aspect to Week 5 byes is the opinion that many hold that they're Look, this is a football column. But it's extremely hard to not have part of the mind wondering what is going on in the world. Week 4 is desperation time for the slow starters across the NFL.

A slew of and teams need to take back control of the season before any hope of meaningful December and January football completely slips away. The Giants and Chargers, who bot What a surreal, unbelievable and surprising NFL weekend. I'm talking about more than someone deciding to "stick to sports," with plenty else going on in the world. Plenty else was happening in the football universe, as several teams delivered shock For those teams that slip to , making the postseason goes from improbable to nearly impossible.

Even as an organization like the Jets is evaluating players -- and riddi Week 3 is already here. Which means, while a few teams are bumpin', others are trying to climb out of a hole. Of the undefeated teams, the Chiefs have been the most impressive, toppling the defending champs on the road, then coming home to take do It's the show me week of the NFL season. Opening Sunday has earned a reputation for giving fan bases false hope, selling us analysts a lemon and proving to be atypical as the rest of the season plays out.

I still remember Week 1 from two That didn't take very long. Shakeup permeates this week's pecking order, top to bottom. Not a single team from last week's top 10 stayed put. A whopping 30 squads shed their old location, making these Power Rankings quite frenetic.

Of all the mo After wondering aloud how I should get into the initial picks piece of the season, I was informed that everyone just wants to see who I am Debated spinning yarn about the showdown between Aaron Real, live, consequential NFL football. We're officially in Week 1 of the regular season. No more talk about practice incompletions. No more hyping us up for Sean Mannion-Cardale Jones third-quarter battles.

The preseason is coming to a close. The fourth week of preseason could be gone for good. This week, you'll get a two-for-one in NFL prognostication. I've gone through and worked out the most -- and least -- each NFL team Projecting the All-Pro Team is, in a word, tough sledding. Actually, that's two words. See what I mean?? Given how limited preseason reps are for starters, picking the first team requires research, intuition, research, much editing and researc Given how limited preseason reps are for starters, picking the first team requires research, intuition, research, much editing and The passage of Hall of Fame weekend means the onset of the preseason -- and our first real Power Rankings of the season.

The Cardinals and Cowboys kicked off preseason action last Thursday. This week, the rest of the league starts playing.

It was the theme of the Pro Football Hall of Fame's 55th class. A theme that we should all embrace, frankly, but one that is especially poignant for the men who were enshrined in Canton on Saturday. Nearly every member of the class was My Hall calls for: Who should earn this honor next year?

What about in ? Elliot Harrison looks ahead and shar Arizona makes a deep playoff run. Taco Charlton sells tacos and earns top rookie honors. Tom Brady reaches yet another new height in Year Yes, it's time for bold predictions. Bold as in, hard to buy, but not necessarily hard to sell.

This is an NFL site, making that an odd way to start a column. Many clamored for James Harden to receive basketball's most prestigious award. One head coach made going for it on fourth down no big deal. Another moved his chess pieces around so much he had a wideout masquerading as an RB1. And one of these guys decided to go for the touchdown in overtime of the biggest game of the year.

And one of these guys decided to go for the touchdown in overtime of the biggest game of the year Who's ready for MVP talk? With only days until the next "NFL Honors" awards show, there isn't much time and yes, the math is correct.

Is quarterback play today really superior? That's what I endeavored to find out, at least partially, by comparing the starting QB for each team today with his counterpart from 25 years ago. With a nod to Paul Zimmerman, a transcendent football With a nod to Paul Zimmerman, a transcen And, well, summer concerns. Every team has one -- an issue that hovers over the organization until training camp, when the answers begin to reveal themselves. The Bills have a new sheriff in town. Atlanta's facing a potential Su Ready to get your post-draft flex on?

Bet you Alex Smith is. While you might be wondering where your favorite team stacks up heading into the offseason, can't help but wonder how the Chiefs QB situation will shake out. That's one of the many Every draft carries them, is bloated with them.

Call it the muffin top of the great college marketplace. The NFL Draft owned a few: Ahh, the Super Bowl rematch. We don't get those too often. At least, we rarely see them the ensuing fall. And this one just happens to be a replay of arguably the greatest -- or at least most stunning -- Super Sunday of all time. What's different for the Falcons this offseason? Do the Bears unquestionably have their quarterback of the present and future?

Are the Raiders in Beast Mode? That's a mere sampling of the questions surrounding teams as we head toward the NFL If last season wasn't the Year of the Rookie, it certainly was a banner year for first-time pros. So many made major contributions. Once upon a time, a few teams went into the bloated marketplace for repairs, spent way too much for things they could get in the draft, then had press conferences to talk about it A quarterback who can alter organizational fortunes hits the marketplace once every Sure, you can make a case for Rich Gannon, but no one k As we slide into the NFL's eBay this week, oodles of yarn will be spun about who is the right fit for which organization.

GM phone calls will jack up market value, somewhat analogous to you randomly getting in a bidding war with a truck driver over The football arced beautifully through the night air, traveling about 36 yards before hitting Jamison Crowder in stride , allowing the Redskins receiver to convert a crucial third down and essentially ice the Packers.

Kirk Cousins was putting the Was it Tom Brady's third-down scramble? It was all of it. In a word, Super Bowl LI was It was all there. Here we are a decade later, and LaDainian Tomlinson is still sprinting past the competition. The Pro Football Hall of Fame Class will be announced Saturday night, with one guy almost sure to be on the rundown: Those of you who are products For all NFL players, one particular item trumps whoever carries the largest contract, the more tricked-out Escalade, the most All-Pro nods: I could give you a hundred names of fantastic players who never earned the ultimate footbal The first Final Four I ever watched was in , when Indiana's Keith Smart hit a baseline jumper to beat Rony Seikaly and Syracuse in the waning seconds of the title game.

I might have owned a Seikaly "Hoops" basketball card, but don't remember Championship Sunday is nigh! As a kid, this was my favorite football Sunday of the year. Playing for a ticket to the Super Bowl -- and deciding conference supremacy -- was enough to fire anybody up. But the other cool part was that, so often in the So many folks feel that this is the best weekend of the entire NFL season. There are several special storylines to get to, from Le'Veon Bell's recent tear Boats, organizational makeovers and wild blowouts Wild-card blowouts, that is, as all four of the home teams took care of business one year after all four road teams won in the postseason's opening round.

Each of this year's wild-card bouts Sorry, going to the see "Rogue One" inspires a little extra drama where none is needed. The Wild Card Round has carried plenty of drama in recent times, coming a long way since the first wild-car Welp, the 97th NFL regular season is in the books. That means 20 teams are searching for answers. Or "know" them, and need to wait eight months to prove they're right. The other dozen teams are preparing for the Super Bowl tournament. And a few g No less than eight games in Week 17 carry playoff implications.

But much like Dick Van Pat Well, it wasn't a football Christmas for everyone. Hearing Marcus Mariota get carted off the field on the radio, then watching Derek Carr writhe in pain on the field knowing his season was over, cast a pall over an other Week 16 is upon us All but one game this weekend has postseason ramifications tied to it. Yet, before getting you knee-deep into the schedule, I must get a small gripe off my football chest Yep, Week 16 qualifies.

Thus, it's no surprise that, with so many upcoming games having postseason implications, teams from the top to the 20th spot are playoff-viable. Granted, as you descend into the later teens, "chances" morph Tough week for some top quarterbacks Look at those matchups. If Andrew Luck thought the Texans D was tough , w Shakeup at the top. Shakeup on the Rams. Three of the top five teams from last week's pecking order lost: It's also that time of the year when playoff races -- and the proverbial seats of Many games to get to on the Week 14 slate, but first, an important discussion There seems to be less chatter about this award than usual, nationally speaking, probably because the media is hyper-focused on two rookies in Dallas te Continuity at the top -- that's what we have heading into Week And you know what?

That's what you want. This is the time of the season where the premier teams in the league should come into clear focus. The first-round exitees and the playof Heck, I am already gearing up for playoff time. And boy, this week offers so many matchups with playoff implications. I can't wait to see Lions at Saints , for example. If you check out Detroit's remaining schedule , you'll notice that This is where all the games matter.

OK, obviously, in a game season, all of 'em count heavily. Yet, now we are down to five games for every team besides the Browns and Titans the last two bye teams, both off this week , which m It's tradition -- and it's worth celebrating. Detroit has been playing Turkey Day games since , when the Lions lost to the two-time defending-champion Bears in front of 26, at University of Detroit Stadium.

The table has been set. Right next to the overcooked turkey and the cranberry nobody wants to eat lies the Week 12 Power Rankings. If you are lucky, A your team lies somewhere in the top 20 or else your team will be home with We have the old starter fully supporting the new starter in Dallas , as the Cowboys prepare to take on Baltimore.

We'll get to see a new start Much hand-wringing the last few weeks over television ratings, watered-down product, limited marquee matchups -- essentially, football's version of doom and gloom. Think Broncos at Saints , otherwise known as White Shoegate , answered the second pr You can't ask for a better game at this time of year. One team is the best in its conference. It's hump week in pro football. Midseason report cards are in. It's the deep breath before the plunge. With that in mind, here are some Cliffs Notes on what's relevant when stacking up the teams before the all-important stretch run: Much midseason talk right now Which winning team is going to come back to the pack?

Which is the best team in the NFC? When will the Browns win their first game? It's Week 9 , the day after Halloween, and you might be nursing a sugar hangover Halloween can be the most unique of the holidays, especially when it falls on Monday night.

We got to watch the Bears, which is appropriate Is this the week the Patriots fall again? Been receiving tweets -- and catching flak from colleagues -- about every team at the top of the Power Rankings losing the following week. Yet, if that's true, Tom Brady and Co.

The Week 8 Power Rankings are in How people could consider Sunday night's game between the Seahawks and Cardinals bad football vexes me. Your fantasy running back didn't sco With "Top 10 Quarterbacks" -- which will run through the 10 best quarterbacks in NFL history -- premiering Friday at 8 p. Rivalry week in the NFL, on several levels.

We kick off Week 7 with the oldest grudge match in NFL history between the Bears and Packers -- two sides who've been going at it since Green Bay lost that first meeting , by the way. Well, save for Nos. The Vikings were on a bye last week, while the Patriots keep rolling along like it's Once past those two, the NFL totem pole is a jumbled mess, as no team is in the Litmus-test time in the NFL.

Are the Falcons still at risk of the kind of collapse we saw last year? Or will they prove their might in another tough-as-crap road game? Is this a lost season for the Jets or can they surprise the Cardinals in prim The Power Rankings curse! Each of the past three editions of this piece has featured a new team in the pole position.

And in each instance, the new No. The Steelers were flattened in Philadelphia in Week It's Week 5, which means all of these young players who've put an early stamp on the season will be forced to prove themselves all over again. Defensive coordinators now own enough tape on Carson Wentz, a guy who didn't play in the With the bye weeks here, the Week 5 Power Rankings are a disorderly lot, taking shape with uneven records and, ultimately, uneven performances.

The Steelers got destroyed by the Eagles , then on Sunday night , looked like the Please insert cool line about bye weeks to intro my column here: Yep, it's that time of the football year, with a light bye week to kick off the annual midseason vacations.

The Eagles and Packers are off this week, meaning we can't w The Patriots beat a playoff team with a third-stringer under center. Cody Kessler almost pulled off the upset of the season in his first pro start. We haven't gotten to Lesson of the week: Going changes your team's season. Over the past 26 NFL campaigns, teams that have gone have made the playoffs all of 2.

That's three of such squads making it to the postseason. Good, bad, then sort of good news for a Power Rankings ascender this week Minnesota bested its chief competitor in the NFC North , putting the Vikings a game up in the division -- and also making them one of only three undefeated teams in the Which unsung QB will it be this week? Tuesday's Power Rankings extolled the virtues of young signal callers around the league making their presence felt.

But what about sixth-year veteran Blaine Gabbert, fifth-year vet Brock Osweiler and, to a les Week 1 was chock-full of thrillers, track meets and even an old-fashioned slugfest, yet Carson Wentz displayed as much star power as anyone in the game on Sunday, whether his college pedigree is up to snuff or not. Panthers versus Broncos, 2.

You know by now that Trevor Siemian is starting for Denver. You also are probably aware that Carolina has its best wide receiver back in Kelvin Benjamin. That doesn't mean we aren't reliving last That doesn't mean we aren't reliving last seas What's the greatest Super Bowl of all time?

You'll see his recollections in some of the game descriptions. Week 1 of the NFL season is here, full of even more unknowns than usual. And that's saying something, considering that this is a pretty darn erratic l You can be a U. Will you be moving out before you're 28? The highs and lows of expectations -- they're all around. And, of course, we turn around and project the sam Every August, we watch football, hoping to catch a glimpse of the starters for a quarter -- two, if we're lucky.

Then, somehow, we think we can predict who is going to ball out. OK, pookie, we realize we're speculati OK, pookie, we realize we're spe Tim McGraw hates football. No Hall of Fame Game means no sneak peek at two consistent playoff teams. Thus, the annual preseason Power Rankings are flying on instruments, with no preseason football gameage until Thursday night.

Much is taken into This one was a cherry, too. Clearly not a football game. So how about the Class of ? It will be announced in, oh, about six months. Doesn't mean we can't start You'll hear speeches that run into the night. You'll hear the howls of approximately 40 billion cheeseheads who've made the trek from Wisconsin.

Who is your team's top candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame? What a terrifically challenging question to answer. When it comes to who belongs in the museum in Canton -- an Ohio town of less than , people -- opinions vary, tempers flar Those are solid predictions, man.

Nearly every player is healthy. Everyone is anticipating when What have you done for me lately? That's the issue when attempting to rank the NFL's 32 head coaches. Todd Bowles won 10 games last season. Should he be above a frontman who fared poorly in but took his outfit to multiple postse Should he be above a frontman who fared poorly in but took his outfit to mu The beauty of the "All" is that it provides something for every fan base, which is why I created the series.

And why I love executing the NFL. Following every team is hard work, but respecting e Well, as much as May will allow. Every member club in the NFL has a major subplot to watch, as the summer rolls into training camp rolls into preseason. Are the Jets the headless horsemen? Whether you were in Chicago, watched from home or sat in a bowling alley, you saw what was initially deemed an unsexy draft turn out to be legit entertainment for three days.

The 15 hours or so of live coverage uncovered so many stories. You can't make this stuff up. As if the Chicago nights weren't frigid enough during the NFL Draft, nothing was as cold as the apparent attempted social-media takedown of Laremy Tunsil on Day 1, or the freefall of arguably the most talented Even if you aren't, let's take a break from wondering where Carson Wentz will end up and what Chip Kelly really thinks of Blaine Gabbert and consider the gems dotting the NFL slate.

There are plenty, including postseason Every organization has a burning question heading into the great college marketplace. No matter how successful the free agency period or how bright the future, there is not a Belichick All the dabbing, sideline karaoke of "Sweet Caroline," and boy they're good even without Kelv It was their sixth one-and-done in the last seven seasons. And it all came down to buffoonery. You might have walked out of "Batman v Superman" or peaced out of your online "Call of Duty" fest long enough to catch the glowing comments Lawrence Taylor made about J.

Watt the other day. Watt is a bad S. Watt the other day: Panthers 41, Saints 38 To put it simply, Panthers-Saints Week 13 was a ridiculously entertaining football game full of highlight-reel plays. Er, how about we just call it what it was: This game packed in highlight plays like M Cardinals 39, Seahawks 32 Aggressive. Pick any of those words, and you will have an apt description of Bruce Arians' offensive philosophy.

You will also have an indirect explanation for why Cardinals player Tom couldn't take Jerry. My brother pasted me at Stratego 44 times Consider Raiders at Steelers, Week Is it an abundance of scoring?

Arena league shootouts like Giants at Saints , Week 8 where fans rea The Free Agency Power Rankings. Consider this our opening salvo toward determining order in the NFL membership for the campaign. With the new league year starting last week, teams have been blowing their cap money like Rams 24, Cardinals 22 The celebration of the day went to Stedman Bailey.

Don't sleep on it. Catch of the game? Janoris Jenkins went all Tyree on us. Yet, the best player on the football field in our 20th Top Game of was They're dropping like flies. The elite of the Y2K era are hanging 'em up left and right. There was Patrick Willis last March. Charles Woodson told everyone he was done at the end of December. Beast Mode tweeted his epic farewell in February Beast Mode tweeted his epic farewell in February. Who represents the NFL's next generation of stars?

I'm not just talking the rookie studs -- i. Thinking DeAndre Hopkins in that reg It's decision time regarding a very important position in Washington D. Of course, when all is said and done, I don't see Kirk Cousins going anywhere. Yes, free agency is looming, and teams across the NFL will be deciding whether to franchise Super Bowl 50 belonged to the best defense, football defense, in the world.

The Denver Broncos never looked like the top team in the NFL, switched quarterbacks and played some sloppy football in the late goings of the season. How about NFL Honors night, right? Yet, we're here to honor the past After writing a pie Some 53 years ago, the Pro Football Hall of Fame had some making up to do. The NFL had been around for over 40 years at that point, and it was time to produce the first class of legends. Jim Thorpe needed a bust.

You might've heard that the Panthers and Broncos are squaring off in Super Bowl What you might not have realized: This guarantees that one of the NFL's most decorated active defenders will be earning his first ring.

Jared Allen and DeMarcu Jared Allen and DeMarcus Ware You have company, Carson Palmer. It was one of the most disappointing performances i It was one of the most disappointing per Which is the better game this weekend? Love championship weekend, but this year is special. And while you could argue the Steelers when healthy belong ov Championship Sunday's on the horizon!

Let's not step too far away without looking back at an awesome Divisional Round. The Packers and Cardinals gave us an even be Who could forget Kam Chancellor playing "Super Mario Brothers" with the Panthers' field-goal unit in last season's playoffs? This week's playoff slate features three rematches from the regular season, including the doozy between the Seahawks and For the broadcast, NFL Films stitched together all of the game's plays that were gathered and restored from a couple dozen sou That's the perception of the Bungled Bengals from fans after watching the finest example of giving away a pla Coolest football weekend of the year, man.

When I was a kid, Championship Sunday was my favorite. Yet, after watching enough blowouts in the '80s, this weekend morphed into the best. Yes, I like this more than the Divisional Roun The final Power Rankings tally of the season Appropriate for the zany campaign is the tumultuous rejiggering of the top 10 -- and beyond! You'll see that, beyond No. Week 17 game picks are in It's the last week we will be able to delve into the matchups that make an NFL season so fun.

This was far and away the most difficult year to pick games, based on all the mediocrity and disproportionate amount of inju Arizona is still good. The Panthers are, too, even though they finally lost. Brandon Weeden isn't losing. Calvin Johnson might be counting the days in Detroit. And somebody wake up the Chiefs and remind them that they are, in fact, the Chiefs. To celebrate Super Bowl 50, NFL Media's Elliot Harrison is looking back at each of the 19 Super Bowl rematches on the regular-season schedule in , revisiting the clashes of the past as former Super Sunday opponents square off once again.

It might as well be playoff time The way things are shaking out, more playoff scenarios could be decided this week than next. Consistency at the top -- that is the theme of the Week 16 Power Rankings. That's a good thing, right? After all, shouldn't we know who the premier teams in the NFL are after 15 weeks of play? The Panthers survived , with their Superman saving the Teeth-grinding time in the NFL.

We are heading into the final three-game stretch of the season, with teams fighting for playoff positioning and the fringe squads hoping to go on a miracle run Based on how the Seahawks and Patriots went to work in Week 14, we would be in for a treat if those teams linked up on Super Sunday again.

Week 14 is upon us, complete with potential playoff previews, what may amount to early elimination games and classic matchups that remind us of of classic NFC playoff battles Redskins at Bears and Cowboys at Packers fit the bill. The not-so-ugly reared their heads this weekend. Week 14 Power Rankings are in, with a nod to the teams many of us thought were formidable in the preseason finally making their moves.

The Seahawks dominated the Vikings. The Steelers trounced the Playoff-push time, cold-weather time and time for defenses to rise up and take hold of the NFL. Not predicting any barn burners in Week 13, with many a close contest to help sort out the wild-card swamp pit that exists in both The Week 13 NFL Power Rankings are in, with teams across the league gearing up for these last five weeks of the regular season.

No more byes, no more holiday triple-headers and no more time for excuses around this year's "it" So, taking the top 32 Super Bowl's from Elliot Harrison's all-time rankings , we've set up a bracket. Now the power is in your Turkey Day Treats, that's what we have to be thankful for Knowing that so many of you football heads will be spending time with family, and because of the release of "Creed" which has to be better than "Rock The field of candidates for the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Class of was trimmed from modern-era nominees to 25 semifinalists on Tuesday.

NFL Media historian Elliot Harrison ranks the 25 former players and coaches based on who he thinks mos The day of the backup quarterback Week 12 Power Rankings were as heavily influenced as ever by men who usually wear OxiClean jerseys while holding clipboards and maybe even Trapper Keepers.

No less than five reserves reserved their right to a What a horrible time to prognosticate games. Consider the week that was. Who had the hapless Lions taking down the Pack at Lambeau? Which fan, base besides ChiefsKingdom, foresaw the whuppin' and benching that took place in Denver? The NFL's wildest week yet -- at least in terms of who beat who -- closed last night in Cincinnati with yet another upset.

Week 11 Power Rankings reflect the wacky nature of the league these days, with nearly every team besides the top-ranked Patr The top-flight game on the Week 10 slate is certainly not the only tantalizing matchup, as many people have circled Patriots-Giants and, of course, Rex Ryan facing his former team o We are cruising into the double-digit weeks, folks. January implications abound, with the top of the Power Rankings starting to look more like the playoff field.

The Patriots keep winning, making many wonder if they'll ever lose. The Steelers won t Six -- count 'em -- six teams are off this week, which will at least make the standings easier to read. Unless you're used to reading baseball standings and seeing the Balt Quite an appropriate time to peruse the general ledger of the NFL and attempt to sort out where the teams stand in our Week 9 Power Rankings. This week on NFL. Sizzling matchups all around in Week And can you imagine, if Tony Romo were healthy, how fun Seahawks at Cowboys would be?

One underrated showdown that really Continuity is the theme of the Week 8 Power Rankings. This week's hierarchy features a familiar ruling class. Considering three of the top five teams were off last week, though, that was to be expected.

Still, the campaigning has already begun The Week 7 picks are in, and The Bills want to play a different brand of defense , Todd Gurley might rush for two bills and, no matter what, Griff Whalen will not be asked to go out in fake-punt formation HarrisonNFL you know I do.

The story of the Week 7 Power Rankings revolves around five protagonists: While the Falcons earned their first blemish in Week 6, the Patriots, Packers, Bengals, Broncos and a pesky group from the South keep plugging away. Juicy matchups galore in Week 6. Classic Super Bowl rematches Hall of Fame QBs facing off The Dolphins aren't quitting on their season The Week 6 Power Rankings are in, and we have a new No.

OK, so you probably saw the headline. But I just want to make sure Carsen Willey doesn't jump the gun: I already have 3 disapproving tweets saved in my drafts to send to HarrisonN Which of the undefeateds will stay so in Week 5? That's why the Game Picks are here, to answer that burning question. We don't care about the rest of the teams. Actually, you'll find good fodder on all the matchups this weekend.

And you'll also s The Week 5 Power Rankings are here -- and so is some serious movement. Yes, at the quarter pole, we're reshuffling the deck. Hey, but that's what makes this whole deal fun, right? Almost as fun as poring over the fine print in the NFL rulebook

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To celebrate Super Bowl 50, NFL Media's Elliot Harrison is looking back at each of the 19 Super Bowl rematches on the regular-season schedule in , revisiting the clashes of the past as former. Super Bowl XLVIII prediction: Broncos beat Seahawks, elements. Elliot Harrison went on his predictions for Championship Sunday, To make your own prediction for Super Sunday, click here. Feb 01,  · Prediction. Super Bowl LII should be a back-and-forth game between two excellent teams. It's hard to see either going up by 10 points or more at any point.

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