100 Yards to Go: Instruction Strategy for Success

This method is great for flying the ball to the hole and stopping it with backspin, but what if the distance between you and the flag is longer than your standard bunker-swing carry distance? Do the same rules apply when the ball is buried? Easy—build an arsenal of varying pitch distances. Make a few slow-motion swings to ingrain the correct feel, and then continue at full speed. Share this Page

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100 Yards to Go: Instruction Strategy for Success

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The Situation. You have a good lie in the fairway roughly 70 yards from the green, but you can’t make a full swing and that never seems to work out well for you. Golf Tips: Cut Your Handicap In Half in 30 Days! Find out in a special video, where Top Teacher Scott Munroe unlocks the secrets to getting out and on from one of the game’s trickiest. How To Play: Beginner Tips Golf Drills & Swing Tips Golf Swing Tips Golf Shots & Swing Setups Golf Exercises & Stretches Mental Golf Golf Magazine Online Golf Workouts: Make sure you carry enough wedges to be able to cover most distances from yards and in. Work out how far you hit your driver and how far you hit your full pitching wedge.

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