A Primer on Rugby: A Man’s Sport

You're like a cork in a bottle. In games like football, hockey and lacrosse you can pay hundreds of dollars for the right equipment and padding. For those of you just starting out and interested in learning how to play rugby we have complied 10 tips that will get you out on the pitch in no time at all. Betting on Rugby

Lessons From Fahrenheit 451 for the Modern Day

Rugby Betting Tips

This creates the maximum swing for the ball from the ground into flight which gives you maximum power and speed in the throw. This ensures the ball is released at the optimum point on the motion to give it accuracy.

The body also follows the direction of the ball helping to give the ball its power. This is all done in a split second and the technique, like other rugby skills, can be built up over time with practice. The one element which cannot be accounted for in practice is the pressure of match conditions.

Trying to replicate the atmosphere of a game in training situations is a constant issue for coaches and for a No 9 a training field pass is very different from a pressurised match pass. A good grounding in the correct technique will give the player confidence at crucial moments, and repeated practice also makes the mechanics instinctive which allows the player those few extra milliseconds to prepare mentally for the challenge of passing under pressure. Also, the offense usually employs strategy, with the player tossing the ball at a certain height and distance unknown to the defense.

The ball must be thrown in straight above the tunnel so as to give both teams a legitimate chance of taking possession. Once in possession of the ball, the jumper either passes the ball down to the scrum half or is lowered down and hands it off to the scrum half, and play continues.

By now the team with the ball is threatening to score. A player receives a pass and drives through several defenders, drawing very near to the try zone.

Before he can enter and touch down the ball, however, he is hit by several defenders. But instead of going to the ground, he retains his footing, turning his back on the defenders who are attempting to tackle him and starts effectively shielding the ball. What is happening can now be referred to as a maul. Essentially, a maul is a standing, mobile version of a ruck. Offensive pack players will now rush in and bind onto the ball carrier, driving him forward in an effort to continue to gain ground.

While it is illegal once a maul has begun for the ball carrier to ground the ball, he can hand it off to another player. Usually the scrum half will take the ball from him and pass it off to the backs so that play can continue.

The ball has been passed out of the maul and is in the hands of one of the backs, who carries it into the try zone and touches it down, scoring five points for his team. The ball must be touched down in order for points to be awarded.

There are several professional levels of rugby. For example, in the U. The current World Cup title holder, the Springboks defeated England in to gain the title. A top contender for as far back as anyone can remember, few will disagree that the New Zealand All Blacks are the most popular team in rugby.

With a list of past and present all-stars long enough to fill a couple squads by themselves, this is the team to watch. Plus, they begin every match by facing down the opposing team and performing one of their versions of the Maori war dance known as the Haka:. While there have been many notable players in the history of international rugby, one All Black stands out above the rest.

Considered the first international rugby superstar, Jonah Lomu was a monster on the field. A giant of a man with the speed of an Olympic sprinter, he was known for making the million dollar athletes around him look like playground material. Once, before a World Cup final, an anonymous fax showed up in the All Blacks locker room. Just to put his athletic ability in perspective, the Dallas Cowboys once offered him a six million dollar contract, even though he had never played American football in his life.

Depending on your age, there are a couple different options. Most reasonable sized universities now have their own rugby club, most of which are organized and run by students, but some with coaching staff as well. These are privately organized teams that fall under the regulating body USARugby. These organizations provide an opportunity for men of all ages to enjoy rugby and some healthy competition. Teams are financed through small club dues paid by the players used to finance socials and equipment.

Italian teams joined the league for the first time in , although it did little to end the dominance enjoyed by Irish and Welsh sides in the yearly competition. Much like the Aviva Premiership, a play-off system was adopted in to ensure healthy competition right across the league. The tournament began in and was officially branded the Super 12 consisting of the leading teams from New Zealand and South Africa.

An additional two teams joined in which was then expanded to 15 in It is one of the toughest Rugby Union tournaments in the world, mainly due to the quality of the players, the exceptional playing conditions and most importantly the extensive travel that is involved. Simple match or tournament betting is available on every professional rugby match, although staking on the handicap market has become an increasingly popular alternative in recent years.

Predicting the winning margin is another exciting alternative that offers genuine prospects for value, particularly during the Rugby World Cup. Punters can also back the total points scored during a match , the first team to score and the double result half time and full time winners. Another very popular Rugby market is 1st try-scorer, offering 30 opportunities for success and the potential to find good value.

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An insider's guide to rugby's dirty tricks You may know the laws of the game, but what about the unseen tactics? Subtle, and blatant, rule-bending is rife in rugby, and the World Cup will be no. Essentials of Sevens - Coaching Tips. As rugby players, we need to trust ourselves and believe that we can act as a support runner while maintaining depth from the ball carrier. In training, keep an eye on your players creep forward in drills or in game situations. Depth in 7s attack is extremely important. How to Play Rugby: 10 Tips for Beginners Rugby is an extremely popular international sport that’s played at a high level all over the world, and is becoming increasingly popular here in the United State.

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