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Women's Volleyball Rules of the Game

The server must make the ball go over the net on the serve. Balls that hit the net on serves and still go over and stay in the court used to be illegal, but now they are allowed. Positions are numbered, one through six, starting with the server in the back right corner.

Then going in a counter-clockwise direction, the rest of the positions are numbered. The actual direction of the rotation is clockwise, however. After the server finishes, the other team gets the ball, and you get the ball back, everyone just shifts to the right one spot. Rotation, if not fully understood, can be a very confusing part of the game.

In basic volleyball there are three players in the front row and three in the back, and each player just rotates to the next position as the plays go along. When the strong hitters are in the back row, they can still attack the ball on the third hit, but they cannot jump in front of the foot line. Contrary to the way it may seem, there are actually positions in volleyball, and despite the mandatory rotation, it's possible to play the same position every play.

Volleyball Scoreboard Pro v2 Download. Control Screen The Control Screen is an intuitive operator console for controlling the scoreboard. Video Player Play your own videos on the scoreboard during breaks in the game! Web Remote The optional web remote feature allows you to control all information on the scoreboard from any iPad, iPhone, iPod, tablet, smart phone, netbook, or most any device that has a web browser. Read more about web remote. Key Options Customizable keys make controlling the scoreboard quick and easy.

Color Options Easy to use options allow you to customize every color to match your team's colors. Team Options Home and visitor team names and logos can be displayed.

Media Options Customize the scoreboard sounds to use your own audio files. Other Options Configure the period and timeout durations to match the rules you use. Web Remote Options Configure settings for the web remote feature including a login for access and server settings. The teams compete with one another using an inflated ball. How the Game is played One team serves the ball over the net to the other team with the intention of placing the ball into the opponents court.

The receiving team attempts to return the ball back over the net to place it back in the serving teams court. Object of the Game The object of the game is to win the match.

Volleyball game rules for high school volleyball. It is recommended that the area above the court be at least 7 meters 23 ft. Boundary Lines The boundary lines form a rectangular shape around the court. It is recommended that the courts boundary lines be a color contrasting the color of the court. Lines should be 5 centimeters 2 inches wide. The Center Line The center line extends from sideline to sideline underneath the net.

The center line separates the courts playing area into two equal halves, each 30 by 30 feet. Attack Lines The attack lines 3 meter line, attack line, or 10 foot line are the lines placed 3 meters from the centerline of the court. The attack line extends from sideline to sideline.

Serving Area The serving area is the area behind the endline where the server serves. The serving area is 30 ft. Both serving areas should be at least 2 meters 6 feet in depth.

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