Preparing for an important badminton tournament? Follow these 10 steps

Once your body is warm, stretch the major muscle groups concentrating on legs, back and shoulders. To open a watermelon. Not Helpful 63 Helpful This means when beginners concentrate on using their wrist to generate power, they focus less on performing a complete swing. Are you looking to advance your badminton spin net game? Related Posts

2. Know how to grip

1. Know the basics

In this regard, you should consider watching various professional badminton players playing competitively. If you cannot access live performances, then watch TV or YouTube.

Watching these professionals play does not only encourage you to aim higher but also gives you a chance to learn a few techniques from every game. I would recommend watching the videos over, every time trying to find a new technique in the game and practicing it. In badminton or any other sport, the only way to make it is by practicing regularly.

If you are starting out, practice regularly to learn the basics before finding your style. Alternatively, practice with more professional players and learn from them while at it. In the beginning, it might seem like a discouraging idea, but if you are keen, you should be able to learn from your mistakes and always try to keep up with someone who is ahead of you in the game.

Although badminton involves a lot of moving and jumping, your brain needs to be alert at all times for you to outshine your opponent. Badminton is a mental game, one that requires a lot of strategizing and split-second decision-making. In this regard, you need to come to the game with a fresh mind in order to outdo your opponent. An excellent example of psychological warfare would be sending shots from right to left when you realize that your opponent gets irritated quickly.

Badminton is a pretty easy game once you get to learn how to play it. For beginners, spending more time with experienced players will give you more tips and ideas on how to play badminton professionally. I am Peter, a year-old friendly being from the United States. I love playing a lot of sports such as tennis, table tennis, volleyball, softball, and badminton I have created this blog to help you find information on different types of sports equipment and finding the right one to enhance your skills at the game.

Do you even know? Lin Dan, Olympic London Know the basics As required in every sport, you should at least know the fundamental rules before even competing. Know how to grip A good grip is essential in badminton as it determines the outcome of the game and your playing style. Always Warm-up Warming up in indoor games just like the point mentioned above is overlooked because the chances of collecting injuries are meager.

Get the footwork and posture game right. Stay fit If you want to play badminton professionally, then there is no way you are going to avoid exercising. Watch professional badminton games. Practice makes perfect In badminton or any other sport, the only way to make it is by practicing regularly.

Once your body is warm, stretch the major muscle groups concentrating on legs, back and shoulders. Focus on the grip when choosing a racket.

If you have small hands, small grips are ideal and vice-versa. Concentrate on a relaxed grip when holding the racket. You can excel in forehand and backhand shots with the help of a flexible wrist. Returning to a central base position is a good decision. Badminton is an unpredictable game and you require moving in any direction within a certain period of time.

So know your body limits. Make a game plan. It would be advisable to discover your opponents' weakness. Involve in physical activities that would increase your flexibility such as Brisk Walking and Jogging. Once you are over with your practice, end with a cool-down session.

This may include a gentle walk and light stretching. Badminton is a very active sport that involves a lot of movement on the court. So the chances of facing injuries is higher. In order to minimize the risk of these injuries, you need to warm up enough before the game.

Footwork is the core of badminton. So Footwork should be practiced. Here are few tips that will help improve your footwork: Learn to smash harder. Smash is one of the strongest points in a game. It always gives you the upper edge in a match and channels yourself as a good attacker of the game. You can improve your smash with the following tips: Wanna Improve Your Badminton Smash?

The serve is the most important part of the game. It sets up the match and has the chance of winning you a lot of points. Always learn to place the serve properly and without any foul. To improve your serve: I hope to point out some aspects of badminton a beginner should focus on, as well as a few common mistakes that beginners tend to make. These small tips can prove to be a mighty weapon for not just beginners but for expert players also.

As we all know that this game involves both stamina and agility, so ensure your body is properly prepared for the game ahead.

Start with a gentle jog or skipping to warm-up your body. Once your pulse is raised and body is feeling warmer, stretch the major muscle groups concentrating on legs, back and shoulders. This will prepare you for all the lunges ahead. Moreover, cross-train around your badminton. Focus on exercises that can provide you with good all-round knee strength, allowing your knees to cope with the impact during a fast paced badminton game.

Practicing correct grip on racket is very crucial. Small hands - Small grips and large hands - large grips. Make sure you have a relaxed grip. Having a flexible wrist will help with both your forehand and backhand shots. In the beginning, the proper badminton grips may feel uncomfortable and unnatural, but once practiced, it will pave the way for you to improve upon your skills and effectively executed techniques.

Bent your knees slightly with your feet shoulder width apart. Stay on the balls of your feet and hold your racket up in front of your body. This is the ready position you shall assume in the center of the mid-court area.

To be perfect in this skill is very important for you in order to become a good Badminton player. While it sounds like an easy concept, in fact it is one of the most difficult skills in badminton. Good footwork is simply having the ability to reach the shuttle as early as possible, while on balance.

The earlier you can get to the shuttle, the more choices of shots you have and the more you can pressure your opponent.

This lovely game is quite a workout for the mind too, as it requires constant thinking and planning. So when starting out, the best way to develop these skills is to make sure every shot has a purpose and try to keep an eye on as much of the court as possible at all times.

Soon your strategy will fall into place. This page may be out of date. Save your draft before refreshing this page. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page. Ask New Question Sign In. Hire the top 10 software developers. Start Now at toptal. You dismissed this ad. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Let me put the most important tip first. Ideally, you should break into a sweat before entering the court.

Not warming up properly can lead to serious injuries I learned it the hard way. Concentrate on the strokes. Don't rush to play games. Practice hitting accurate tosses, drops, smashes, etc.

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Top 10 Tips For Beginner Badminton Players Here are 10 tips to help you with your badminton game. Warm-up for badminton. So it is important to know your body’s limits. You don’t want to reach for that all important shot only to find yourself on the floor with a painful injury. Apr 08,  · How to Play Badminton Better. Badminton is a fun sport and a great form of exercise. To be a knockout badminton player, you have to have lightning-fast feet, strong technique, and a cunning sense of strategy%(). Badminton Tips for Shot Accuracy Accuracy in shot placement plays an important role in helping you win your badminton games. Sometimes it’s not about the power, it’s about accuracy.

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