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Not sure about Kamui Mooris will play as good as a Kamui once you break them in with a couple hour sessions. You can buy them from us here: All Listings

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The following hologram is an example of the fake hologram; notice no wording? A definite sign of a fake hologram and therefore a fake Moori. It's basically a clear sticker. The fakes are approximately. Moori now manufactures a black cue tip call the Moori Jewel.

Anything else is fake. Your best defense is buying from reputable distributors such as CueComponents or other reputable sources. Remember, we guarantee you a genuine product all the time. In the meantime, read the following story of how slimy resellers can't compete so they denigrate a perfectly great product for their own enlightened self interest. These their last few tips are not Chinese knockoffs being sold out of Japan.

We purchased these direct from Mr. The above was a statement made by those Skokie Clowns in As of today February 6, the Skokie Clowns changed it to the following statement: No matter what anyone says! Moori is alive and well they previously claimed he passed on , but no longer in large production. He only produces very small amounts of tips today.

Mostly fake Moori tips are currently available in the USA marketplace at this time, so beware. The packaging is identical. These are percent Fake! And now we continue with our statement So, now as you can clearly see for yourself that the Skokie Clowns went from Mr.

Moori "no longer" in production to "no longer being in large production". Make up your minds pinheads! You originally stated that he passed on. Now you state that he is still in production but in a limited manner. Well what took a year to come to this revelation?! Did he go into limited production before he passed on or after? Was he producing larger quantities before he passed on?

Then why didn't you clowns get them if you know all this. The answer is because you clowns are idiots and liars. What a bunch of goofballs! Anyway, getting back to the real story. We go through boxes of quick on a daily basis; what could possibly be taking them so long to liquidate?

Amazing how long it took the self-proclaimed NA Distributors to sell out. If it took us that long, we'd be out-of-business. Interested in hearing what you guys think I currently use a Moori medium and Im buying a cue that has a Kamui tip from Japan how are they different and which is better quality thanks timmy. I have both, and I'd have to say they hit real similar.

I'm currently using the Kamui and I kind of favorite it right now. I think you'll probably like it. Well it's been a while since I've used a Moori, but I did recently get a Kamui Medium hard put on my shaft. I've used the Kamui for a few weeks now, and I really like it. Believe it or not, it's also not mushroomed one bit yet -- and I definitely recall Mooris in the past mushrooming after only a few days.

I'm definitely not going back to Mooris, and will probably stick with Kamuis for a while. Simply put in my opinion: Mooris will play as good as a Kamui once you break them in with a couple hour sessions. A Kamui to me feels good right from the start.

If I were to put a Moori on, I'd be sure to hit balls with it for a couple of sessions before I'd jump into a serious playing situation. With a Kamui, I can slap one on in the parking lot of a club and walk in and enter a tournament without a worry. Not sure about Kamui I've been reading too many "best tip" threads I'm spending all my money on being sure I have the "tip of the day" Originally Posted by Tokyo-dave.

Find all posts by BlowFish. Kamui soft all day long for me, the Moori tips are far to hard now.. Wayne Holmes Custom Break Cue: Wayne Holmes Custom Cue Case: Joe Whitten Custom Gator.

Originally Posted by chimmy. Originally Posted by manwon. Timmy, I would have to take the Moori hands down. The closest tip to a Moori Medium on the market today is the Wizard Medium in my opinion, and this is based upon the installation of hundreds of each of these tips. I have played with both tips, and have also installed both tips on my customers cues.

I own and a pool hall, with a retail store, along with a cue repair section. I install more than 50 tips in any given month of year, and number of these are both moori and kamui tips. First, there is no tip that compares to a moori tip in it's construction and how it machines. Moori tips are less likely to have delamination problems than any other tips made today, and this is do to how they are chemically treated, the layers are glued, and the layer thickness.

Kamui tips have twice the thickness of individual layers that moori tips have, in fact just look at these tips side by side with a magnifying glass. In my opinion there is no major difference between kamui tips and most layered tips that cost far less. The closest tip to a moori medium on the market today is the wizard medium in my opinion, and this is based upon the installation of hundreds of each of these tips. I think in the end timmy, when ever people use something to gage everything else by it obvious which tip sets the standard!!!!

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Genuine Moori® Cue Tips at the best prices and they are made in Japan; available in soft, medium and hard. You are purchasing GENUINE MOORI® Products here! Purchase your pool cue tips replacements and billiards supplies at PoolDawg. These Moori replacement pool cue tips are made with nine layers of boar leather!/5(16). Shop eBay for great deals on MOORI Billiard Cue Tips. You'll find new or used products in MOORI Billiard Cue Tips on eBay. Free shipping on selected items.

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