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Update - Monday, Jan. They did, however, get the best of the money-line. He said as of Thursday afternoon, only 52 percent of his overall cash on the game is on the Eagles. Boyd Gaming's Scucci has also been flirting with the high total of 49 a few times and each time he goes, he gets to his desired threshold he goes back to I'd be shocked if another record isn't broken within the state ," said Manteris. CURRENT SUPER BOWL ODDS AFTER WEEK 1:

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He's long on the Eagles, but he's seeing Patriots money filtering through which caused him to go from Patriots -4 to -4 , his first movement upward on the Pats side. Now we're finally starting to see more Patriots action with some sharp play getting involved.

Then they were the first to go to It's still a long haul with so much action yet to pass through the bets windows. Thank you props, thank you mobile phone wagering and thank you in-progress wagering.

Boyd Gaming needs the Patriots a little more in Super Bowl futures, but they still do well with the Eagles. Scucci made the comparison of this line movement to what happened in the Broncos last two Super Bowls.

When Denver played Carolina, everyone bet what they saw last which was Carolina winning big in the NFC title game and Denver winning a close game in the AFC title game, and it was all Carolina money early, but it flipped on game day to us needing Carolina.

The shocker of the late Wednesday afternoon was that despite an appearance of Patriots money arriving in town and Boyd moving to -4 , Caesars Palace and Wynn Resorts both dropped to -4 shortly after for the first time. We also got a lot more action on the Over as well. We hadn't seen too much on the total yet until yesterday. He's been at He also hasn't moved the total off 48 since then. Despite the Patriots money, things still aren't even yet.

The Patriots money is encouraging, but Avello is working his 31st Super Bowl behind the counter in Las Vegas and never assumes or expects anything. Some of these guys flow into town with a few million to get some thrills with and most of the time they don't even care what the number is when betting. These guys were laying They did, however, get the best of the money-line.

Several books were showing So what can we expect in the next 36 hours? Has the lowest number flat-lined at -4? Will we see sharper action jump in now on the Pats as it could be the lowest it'll get? This story is going to really heat up on Thursday and Friday as more of these whales start arriving from the long line of private jets streaming into town.

Update - Tuesday, Jan. Scucci has had the best number in two different moves on two separate days and didn't get the Patriots money desired. The same Super Bowl betting patterns happening in Las Vegas books appear to be going on up north in Reno as well. They dropped to He's not alarmed yet saying that 90 percent of his overall Super Bowl action has yet to arrive. The Atlantis posted its Super Bowl props on Saturday and a couple of them have stood out with bettors placing limit wagers.

They also liked Jay Ajayi getting Over 1. Nelson, who took the director job in early December, said he doesn't want the Atlantis to post the first number any more. The Golden Nugget was the last book in town to move to Respected offshore book 5Dimes. It's the largest bet William Hill has taken for this Super Bowl. I'll bet it gets lower. Keep waiting if you want Patriots money-line.

Update - Monday, Jan. Every sports book has gone to If you're a late comer to the betting party and want to get maximum value on the Eagles, you might want to hurry downtown. Has most of the Eagles money already gotten down? Will we see a flip on who the city needs like two years ago when Carolina was bet heavy for the first 12 days of that Super Bowl season, only to see Broncos money pour in the final two nights of betting.

William Hill's sports books across Nevada were one of the last to make the move to Three hours later they dropped the total down to 48 after being Caesars Palace also moved to Something to talk more about as the final weekend approaches is whether Nevada will set a handle record for the third straight years. South Point sports book director Chris Andrews also said his handle is "definitely" high than last year so far, and so did Jason Simbal from CG Technology books. So we'll see where this goes.

Sunscreen or layers of clothes? Where you going this weekend? It's supposed to be a sunny 76 degrees in Las Vegas Sunday. It's 7 degrees with 9 mph winds in Minneapolis on Sunday. There's still rooms available for the best Super Bowl party in the world.

Book it if you've never been in town for Super Bowl weekend. Update - Friday, Jan. CG Technology books made their move to Scucci's a veteran bookmaker and I'll speculate that it had to be a massive wager for him to jump ahead of the curve in town on the biggest game of the year.

But again, that's just speculation on my part. How about we take a look from the point of view of books staying at -5, which now consists of Caesars Palace, the Golden Nugget, William Hill, Wynn Resorts and the Stratosphere. He also said he believes the number will go back up as Patriots money eventually shows itself in town. If looking to bet the Patriots, why would you bet it now? You see the number dropping. Maybe it goes to Maybe it goes all the way to There's Patriots money out there, but the smart thing to do is wait it out and wait for the books to start feeling their nerves rattle while looking at a seven-figure Eagles risk every day on their bookmaking screen.

The better value for eventual Patriots bettors is to watch the Patriots money-line keep dropping. All the small money will be on the Eagles getting plus-money where 9-to-5 odds multiplies fast. Large Pats money is definitely waiting.

However, it's not all small money playing the Eagles money-line. Boyd Gaming's Scucci has also been flirting with the high total of 49 a few times and each time he goes, he gets to his desired threshold he goes back to Update - Thursday, Jan.

And in unrelated moves, two other books, the Boyd Gaming locals chain and the Westgate SuperBook , dropped their numbers from Patriots -5 to For SuperBook VP Jay Kornegay , his line adjustment wasn't because of a big wager or even a culmination of heavy cash building on the Eagles. He said as of Thursday afternoon, only 52 percent of his overall cash on the game is on the Eagles. Also, 5 is a dead number affording him to move the number without being pushed by cash.

If it was a key number like -3, moving so quick to Kornegay is simply trying to get to the right number sooner than later. MGM Resorts has so much Eagles padding in their kitty that they can give bargain prices in an attempt to get all the Patriots action to lessen risk. On Thursday afternoon, they dropped the Patriots from Staring at a few million dollars of Eagles risk on the computer screen gives quite the motivation for offering Patriots discounts.

On the same note, MGM's 10 books have the lowest money-line price on the Patriots at Now that we've seen At one chain of books it doesn't look like it'll happen anytime soon. William Hill's sports books across Nevada, along with its popular phone wagering, give a diverse and unique look at what all sectors of northern and southern Nevada are thinking with their wagers.

Surprisingly, after three full days of wagering they've seen 69 percent of all the cash taken on the point spread coming on the Patriots, who they have favored by 5-points. Only 51 percent of the tickets written are slanted to the Eagles. Let's just call it plus props covering 14 pages, one page of which has dozens of props involving the Vegas Golden Knights Feb.

Which will be more? There's also more local flavor with their props. Kornegay said his crew was still loading the props into the system, but the numbers are all set. The massive wager give MGM books lots of wiggle room this early to balance things out in the Super Bowl betting season and it's also a signal that a record setting handle could be had in Nevada for the third straight Super Bowl.

Limits are higher now and it takes a lot to move the number, but a popular bookmaking goal is also to get to the right number as soon as possible before the millions in wagers is dropped down. Wynn Resorts sports book director John Avello opened the Patriots They all made multiple wagers and then I went to Eventually, they'll all be pushed to the same number, but Avello believes he'll see more of what he's been seeing already. Nick Foles is no rookie and he's been around and had some success in the NFL, but this is an entirely new stage for him.

See our exclusive MyBookie Promo Code. Without a playoff appearance in three years mostly due to a struggling offense, Baltimore went out and brought Joe Flacco in some new toys to play with. Add a resurgent passing game to a promising ground game with Alex Collins leading the charge, and the Ravens can get back to playing their style of ball.

The defense is still legit, but lacks depth so injuries will be of utmost concern. On the chalky side of things, the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles continue to get some preseason love on the futures odds. The franchise never won the big game up until last season. None of the trio currently has less than a 9. The Vikes check in at 10 after winning 13 to cruise to the NFC North championship a second straight season.

A team getting a ton of love from the betting public since the futures offs first opened are the Los Angeles Chargers. Remember, this is a team that lost its first four games of last season, some in heartbreaking fashion, and then went on to close the year on SU and ATS win streaks. All the pieces are in place for LA to make a deep run. While the main focus of sports wagering involves betting on individual games, futures wagers are also quite popular in sports betting. Most bookmakers will release their Super Bowl odds in February of each year, right after the Super Bowl of the prior season is completed.

Thus, the initial odds are primarily based on the results of the previous year. Once the first odds are released, there will be various shifts in the odds during the spring and summer based upon personnel changes for each team.

The free agency period can also turn the fortunes of several teams in the offseason. The NFL Draft in May is closely monitored, and coaching changes can certainly lead to shifts in the odds. During the offseason, the Super Bowl odds are based on speculation. After all, the actual teams have yet to play a game. Once the season begins, the odds have a deeper rooted foundation because bettors can evaluate the teams on the field each week.

It is during the regular season when the Vegas and offshore books futures odds will fluctuate the most as teams move up and down, like stocks, depending on their perceived value. However, these kind of odds have basically disappeared since the St. These favorable football odds can attract serious professional gamblers and casual sports fans who want to take a shot with their favorite team. Super Bowl futures are usually a favorable bet for the house. There are 32 wagering options but only one winner.

Because money is pumped in on a year-round basis, online sportsbooks have plenty of opportunities to adjust the odds in their favor.

If certain teams are getting bet too heavily, their odds can be adjusted to a lower payout to make the clubs a less favorable wager. In the past decade, Super Bowl Prop Bets have become big business in the Vegas sportsbooks and offshore. The average bettor is very comfortable wagering on prop bets for a couple of reasons.

They feel as if they know as much about the players as the oddsmakers. Have you ever wondered how favorites and underdogs have performed historically in the Super Bowl? How about, what was the point spread for the 1st Super Bowl?

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